About Us

Who is Ravik?

We are a Friendship Company First, Apparel Company Second. As a group, we believe that no one should be alone and there are always friends to be made.  It grew from this idea to what it is today, an apparel company with amazing customers and friends.  All of our apparel is life-tested so we know that it’ll be comfortable and perfect for everyday wear.  We are a friendly, humorous company that takes pride in poking fun at the insecurities we have as individuals.


World Domination?!

We don’t want to dominate the world (but on second thought... hmm…), we just want it to change from the anxiety, stress and hate-filled one that it is becoming.  We like to poke fun at ourselves and feel that doing so helps us not take things so seriously.


Political Correctness

What? HAHAHAHA! Not here! (Uh oh, hope we didn’t trigger anyone!)


Why Ravik?

Ravik exists to bring fashion and the style of Graphic Tees (and related apparel) to the next level.  We want a stylish, funny, puntastic and caring world where people aren’t afraid to express how they feel.  Our apparel creates connections between individuals and begins conversations that may have never happened.  These conversations can create new friendships and thus make the world a happier place


Differences compared to Competition

We want our customers to know that they are cared for and are not alone in this world.  The world is changing drastically and many people prefer to stay behind closed doors vs venturing out into the world.  We want them to know that there is a world full of excitement and opportunity out there.  As an apparel company, we believe that our style and humor help break the ice in various situations and helps reduce social anxiety.  Whether it is an awkward blind date, or a casual conversation with a co-worker, or a family event, we are sure that our apparel will help make people feel more confident and less unsure of themselves.  On top of that people with a similar personality will identify with what someone is wearing and this helps bring like-minded individuals together and build new friendships.  Our product is extremely affordable, luxuriously soft, and comfortable (but who cares about being comfortable, right?)


As always, stay safe and much love from everyone! - Ravik