Warning, Incoming Shirts! Warning, Incoming Shirts!

Warning, Incoming Shirts! Warning, Incoming Shirts!

Hello, you fabulous people on the world wide web (do people still say that? if not, they should!).  We are still getting accustomed to having a blog on our site so at the moment there won't be many in-depth posts about how things work and why this is better than that, etc, but, we are working towards getting to that point!

The biggest update is we are currently working on getting 25... Yes, 25!! New designs up on the store for your wearing pleasure.  It might take some time as we want to make sure they print properly and display how we anticipate them to but they are coming! We are also getting some old designs back up for all of you out there who didn't have the pleasure of wearing those.  

The new designs are more graphic based vs text-based and will have much more color in them, so expect something awesome and new to be coming out at any time! We'll try to give a heads up but if you read this blog, you'll already be a head of the game! (May even toss in a discount for those who follow along with us! Shh...)

Anyways, that is about it for today, just wanted to give that small update and until next time stay safe and we love you all! ❤️❤️❤️


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