Only Thursday? Ugh!

Only Thursday? Ugh!

The week is slowly, and I mean slowly coming to an end.  I know many people work for the weekend but if you think about it, that would mean you are wasting 5 days of your week for 2 days of "freedom".  

Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't work hard, nor am I saying that work is a bad thing I'm just saying that you should look at your situation and wonder if spending those 5 days just to provide yourself with 2 days is really worth it.  I know this is rather deep for a blog on an e-commerce apparel store but let's just go with it! 😂

So what can be done to allow you to enjoy the full week instead of just the weekend? Well, it might seem obvious but once you finish whatever your job is, don't let your day end there.  Some (okay, most...) people once they finish work, go home, put their feet up, toss on some Netflix and just relax.  Suddenly their night is done and they need to get some rest before they head back to work in the morning.  Does that seem satisfying to you? If so, well I bet we could make it better!

Instead of just relaxing when you get home, pick up some extracurricular activities, they don't need to be anything crazy but perhaps a painting class (or whatever it is you like) once a week on a Tuesday so that your week doesn't seem like it is dragging on.  Not only are you doing something you love but it gets you out of the house and in the mindset of being free.

It is just a suggestion and obviously, there is much more you can do but figured this might be helpful to some people and give them a bit of motivation to get out of their "comfort zone".

And... while you are venturing out of that comfort zone of yours, why don't you grab a sweet t-shirt to wear for the day and show of your personality and add a bit of spice to your life 💖

That is it, for now, we are still working hard on getting the new site to now be a "construction zone" so until next time...

Stay safe and have fun! 😄😄😄

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